If you are thinking about becoming a full-fledged citizen of this nation, a long process awaits you. It can seem confusing, but if you get the right help and avoid simple mistakes, the process can go more smoothly. Here are some things to remember when seeking citizenship.

Don't Make Guesses on Forms

You might not remember the exact year your mother was born or the name of the small town she was born in. You might not know the particular day you set foot in this country. However, you must realize that the immigration office will check all the information on the forms you complete and will make every effort to verify your claims.

If the office finds some discrepancies, they may delay your application while they attempt to collect more information. In rare cases, they might think that your citizenship application is fraudulent and reject it. Be as honest as possible and call your local office if you are unable to answer certain questions.

Know if You're Exempt from Certain Requirements

The immigration process has a lot of requirements you must meet before you are a citizen of this country. However, you might be exempt from some of these requirements. If you have been a permanent resident and fall within a certain age range, you might be exempt from having to take the English test. Knowing what requirements you are exempt from can save you a lot of time and help relieve some stress.

Study for the Civics Test

You might already know that you will need to pass a civics test as part of the citizenship process. The civics test asks questions about many different topics, including the government. Many people think the test will be easy, especially if they have lived here a while. The test is not supposed to be extremely difficult, but if you haven't studied, you might have a problem. For instance, you may need to know the name of the current Speaker of the House of Representatives. Give yourself some time to check out the questions you might get, so you can avoid failing the test simply because you didn't study or don't know particular information.

Now that you are aware of some things to keep in mind as you go through this process, use the tips laid out above to help you. Get in touch with an immigration lawyer, like David Borts Law Office, and you will soon reach your goal of being a citizen in this country.