When you first came to this country, you may have never anticipated that there would ever be issues with your visa. However, as you go about your everyday life, you may find yourself contending with challenges that affect your status as an immigrant. You could even face being deported and having to go back home.

Instead of leaving yourself vulnerable to deportation, you can hire a lawyer to help you with these challenges. You can pursue and resolve them by retaining an immigration attorney to address your visa issues.

Visa Renewal

As your visa nears its expiration date, you may find it challenging to get it renewed. Immigration authorities may want to know why you want to remain in the country for longer than your initial visa was issued. They may demand a valid reason for why you want your visa renewed rather than return to your home country.

When you retain an immigration attorney, you can bypass lengthy explanations and instead focus on renewing your visa. Your attorney can provide a valid and concise reason for why you need your visa renewed. He or she can also handle the bureaucratic paperwork and spare you from having to fill out dozens of documents to get a new visa.

Changing the Status

You also may need to hire an immigration attorney to change the status of your visa. When you first came to the country, you may have arrived as a student or sponsored family member. However, as you built your life in this country, your status may have changed. You may not consider yourself to be a skilled worker or someone who is eligible for permanent residency.

Your immigration attorney can petition the immigration bureau to change the status of your visa. He or she can ask that you have a new visa issued for a skilled worker. Your lawyer can also ask that your visa be changed to show that you are a permanent resident. 

Finally, your immigration attorney can represent you during deportation hearings. He or she can argue for why you should be allowed to remain here instead of being deported. Your lawyer could win you several more years of residency on your visa. 

An immigration attorney can provide helpful services for visa holders. He or she can help you get your visa renewed. Your lawyer can also petition for status changes and represent you in a deportation hearing.