Immigration issues can be very complex and confusing. They require a lot of time, effort, research, and understanding to grasp fully. If you're a new immigrant or have not had much exposure to immigration law before, you should contact an immigration attorney to guide you through this process and ensure your rights are protected. This article provides you with three situations you'll need the services of these attorneys.

1. Your Work Permit Has Been Canceled

Work permits can be canceled due to various reasons. It could be because of a change in the employer or job or because you're no longer qualified for the job you're doing. Your permit may have also been issued based on false information.

It's advisable to contact an immigration attorney immediately if your work permit has been canceled. They will tell you your options to enable you to make a decision. This could be appealing the employer's decision or applying for a new work permit.

2. Your Have Been Harrassed

You need to be aware of all your rights as an immigrant and know what actions you can take to protect them. Any time you feel that a government official or agency has violated you, you should contact an attorney. Your rights can be violated in various ways, including being denied employment opportunities, social services such as healthcare or education, not being given adequate housing conditions, being detained in custody without due process, being harassed and mistreated, and being subjected to forced labor.

Immigration lawyers can fight for your rights and ensure the individuals responsible for violating them are held accountable. They can also explain to you the complex immigration laws and regulations in simple language, so you have a clear understanding of what they entail and how best to proceed with any given situation.

3. You Need Help Obtaining Citizenship

The process of obtaining citizenship is long. You need to meet many requirements, have no criminal convictions, and have no history of illegal activity. You should also show that you can support yourself financially or prove that your parents are citizens or legal permanent residents who can sponsor you for a green card application if you can't do so yourself.

Immigration lawyers can help you through this process, reducing your stress. They'll assist you with applying for a Green Card and answer any questions you have about immigration law in general. They also work with the federal government to ensure all your paperwork is in order and assist you during the interview process. 

Immigration lawyers play a very crucial role in society. You can entrust them with all your immigration issues, and they'll gladly help you. If you need assistance with any problem, contact a lawyer like Diaz Shafer P.A . today.