Like many Americans, you may have a family from different nations. If your spouse or you are from another country and you have American children, this can be a problem if you have immigration troubles. It is always best to find the right legal channels to be in the country, but this is not always possible. The good news is you still have rights and you can keep your family together. Here are four ways that an immigration attorney can help keep your family together:

1. Counseling You On Your Rights And Immigration

Even if you are not a resident of this country, you still have rights. These rights may not be the same as an American citizen and you may need the help of an immigration attorney to understand your rights. They can help counsel you and explain the legal channels you need to go through if you have immigration problems.

2. Helping You To Get The Work Related Documents You Need

If you are in this country, you may be working somewhere. You will need to have documentation for your work. This can include things like a temporary work permit to allow you to work in this country. Even if you are not working legally in this country, you still need to fill taxes. An immigration attorney can help advise you on work documents and filing taxes when you are not a legal resident.

3. Help With Applying For A Temporary Residence Permit To Avoid Deportation

If you have problems with immigration, one of the first things that you may need to do is get a temporary residence permit. An immigration attorney can help you with the application process. If you have family here or a spouse, this will be the first step in you being able to get a permanent residence or green card. Having legal counsel, can help you to speed up this process.

4. Help With Filing Of Legal Documents, Resident Permits And Green Cards

You will also need to file documents such as applications, affidavits and other paperwork. An immigration lawyer will be able to help you with these processes. They can also file the paperwork when you reach the point of applying for your green card or residence. They can help you to reduce the amount of paperwork and speed up the process of immigration into this country.

There is no reason for you to have to be separated from your loved ones because of immigration problems. If you need legal help keeping your family together, contact an immigration attorney and get the legal help you need.